Decatur's Best Dedicated Hosting

Website owners control dedicated servers. Your rented server hosts only your website. Security, operating system, and root access are yours.

Choose the right Dedicated Hosting Plan


Great for any single website with low to medium traffic.


Great for up to 5 websites with low to medium-sized traffic


Great for up to 10 websites with low to medium-sized traffic.

Exploring the Benefits
of Dedicated Hosting

When a website is hosted on a dedicated server, the owner has the most control over the server. That's because you're the only one who rents the server, and it only has your website on it. This means that you have full root and admin access and can control everything, from security to the operating system you use.

But all that control costs something.

The cost of dedicated servers is one of the most expensive ways to host a website. Most of the time, they are used by people who run websites that get a lot of traffic or who need full control over their servers. The server also needs to be set up and managed in a way that requires a high level of technical skill.