Decatur's Best VPS Hosting

Between shared and dedicated hosting, VPS is best. Think about it if you're interested in having more control over your website.

Choose the right VPS Hosting Plan

1 vCPU / 2GB RAM

Self Managed VPS Hosting

2 vCPU / 4GB RAM

Self Managed VPS Hosting

4 vCPU / 8GB RAM

Self Managed VPS Hosting

Exploring the Benefits
of VPS Hosting

Hosting by VPS The best option between a shared server and a dedicated server is a VPS hosting plan. It's a great option for website owners who want more control but don't need a dedicated server

VPS hosting is different because each website has its own space on the server, even though the server is still shared with other users. VPS hosting gives website owners more control over their sites and more storage space, but it still can't handle huge spikes in traffic or usage. This means that other sites on the server can still affect how well your site works.

VPS hosting is usually used by website owners who want dedicated hosting but don't have the technical know-how. VPS hosting is cheaper than dedicated hosting but gives you more control than shared hosting. This is a great option for advanced users and people who want to install specific software and packages.